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Faces Of Sheila-M
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Sheila On Stage
Sheila-M On Stage.


It’s Sheila-M – But which one is it?


Sister MaryAuntie Betty BurkeHillbilly Lilly



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So Who Is Entertainer Sheila-M?

Do you need either an adult party entertainer; an Irish comedian; a female comedian; some pub entertainment or a female singer songwriter? If so then click the links below to find out more about Sheila-M:

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Irish Comedian

Can Be “Clean” or “Naughty” if you like!

Do you need an Irish comedian? As Sheila-M was born in Co. Claire in Ireland she is an Irish comedian and has a lot to live up to, with a history of famous Irish comedians before her. Sheila-M began her comedy calling in Dublin, at the Murphy’s Laughter Lounge and is now performing at gigs and pubs and parties on the British mainland. Sheila-M doesn’t claim to be the best Irish comedian but her ambitions are high and she aims to be considered amongst the best Irish comedians. Take a look at Sheila-M’s Comedy Page” or her video entitled “Irish Karaoke Funeral Comedy” as an example. If you fancy some fun and laughter with a unique Irish Comedian then tell Sheila-M what you need!

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Female Comedian

Not Always The Gentler Gender

Do you need a female comedian? I’ve heard some people ask: Is there a good female comedian? Well, let’s see, there’s Victoria Wood, Dawn French, Joanna Lumley to name but a few. Sheila-M aims to be a famous female comedian and it has even been said that “Sheila is a natural successor to Catherine Tate”. Take a look at Sheila-M’s Comedy Page or the video of her comedy sketch entitled What’s In My Bag? as an example. If you want to see a female comedian that has been likened to Catherine Tate then send an email and book Sheila-M now!

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Female Singer Songwriter & Guitar Player


Do you need a female singer songwriter? Last but not least, Sheila-M is a female singer songwriter and plays guitar. She is a musician who writes, composes and sings her own material including lyrics and the melodies. Not only is she a female singer songwriter, she also plays guitar and sings popular music that the audience can sing along to. Take a look at Sheila-M’s Music Page or her video recording of her original tune entitled “Taste Of You” as an example. Sometimes, she also writes her own parody lyrics to songs by famous artists like Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and does a song and dance routine. If you want to experience Sheila-M as a female singer songwriter and also sing along to some well known tunes make a booking here!

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Party Entertainer For Adults

Do you need some adult party entertainment ideas? Sheila-M is an experienced adult entertainment party professional, abundant with charisma and sparkling personality. Sheila-M delights her audiences to an evening of comedy, singing and guitar playing with an energetic, friendly, charming and often cheeky personality. As an adult party entertainer, Sheila-M’s unique skills at building a great rapport with audiences, ensures a great evening of fun and laughter for all. Find out more about Sheila-M party entertainment ideas. If you want a multi-talented adult entertainment party professional then look no further, contact Sheila-M now!

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Pub Entertainment, Gigs & Clubs

Sheila-M Travels

Do you need some pub entertainment ideas? Sheila-M is also an experienced performer at comedy gigs clubs and pub events. Sheila-M’s strong personality stands her in good stead with the toughest of audiences with her music and comedy winning their hearts and minds. Pub entertainment can put quite challenging at times but Sheila-M gets a feel for the audience and matches their mood with a mixture of her musical and comical material. Find out more about Sheila-M pub entertainment ideas. If you want some great pub entertainment ideas or need a talented performer for your pub events, gigs or clubs then find out if Sheila-M is available!

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Sheila-M Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Live Corporate Entertainment UK

Live corporate entertainment UK! Do you need some corporate event entertainment ideas? Sheila-M has entertained a wide variety of audiences in a variety of places including live corporate entertainment UK venues. Sheila-M is an adaptable entertainer of stand-up comedy, music and song, and also musical parody which is her favourite way to combine these two forms of entertainment. No matter what combination of entertainment elements you want, Sheila-M will style a performance to fit in with your requirements. Find out more about Sheila-M the corporate entertainment provider. If you want great corporate event entertainment ideas then look no further, book Sheila-M now because she’s your “man”!

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