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Sheila-M Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas – Live Corporate Entertainment UK

Business Woman Sheila-M

Looking to find live corporate entertainment UK or need some corporate event entertainment ideas? If so read about Sheila-M below.

Sheila-M has entertained a wide variety of audiences in a variety of places including live corporate entertainment UK venues. Sheila-M is an adaptable entertainer of stand-up comedy, music and song, and also musical parody which is her favourite way to combine these two forms of entertainment. No matter what combination of entertainment elements you want, Sheila-M will style a performance to fit in with your requirements.

Sheila-M is a corporate entertainment provider and performs many corporate events. She will find out information about work colleagues and will use this within her act to personalise the event. She will tailor the event, be it solely stand up comedy, music and song, musical parody or a combination of all of these elements to suit your needs.

Book Sheila-M if you are looking for a corporate entertainment provider or need corporate event entertainment ideas.

Sheila-M Stands Up To The Mic (Dummy)

Sheila-M Comedy

Sheila-M loves to laugh and loves to make others do so too. She has a variety of her own stand up comedy material which she performs in her own comedy show “The Sheila-M Show” and as a guest comedian at other comedy gigs. She also acts as a comedy compare on occasions. Take a look at Sheila-M performing a psychotherapy helpline stand up comedy set-piece.

Sheila-M With Her Guitar On Stage

Sheila-M Music And Song

Sheila-M can play guitar and sing a wide range of popular songs that audiences love to sing along to. She also writes her own songs from her own experiences and observations. Listen to Sheila-M sing “Taste Of You”, one of her acoustic guitar songs whilst playing acoustic guitar.

Is Hillbilly Lilly About To Dance?

Sheila-M Musical Parody

Sheila-M sometimes develops characters for her shows. One such character is “Hillbilly Lilly” who in one performance sang a parody version of “Achy Breaky Heart” by American country singer songwriter William “Billy” Ray Cyrus. Watch Sheila-M entertaining as a stand up comedian using parody comedy.


Sheila-M has performed at Megabowl at Star City in Birmingham as one of her alter egos “Auntie Betty” and is presently doing a regular event for Midland Heart:

“I thought the Irish night was brilliant.” – Midland Heart

Sheila-M has also performed at other corporate events including Morrisons and has entertained clubs within the PowerLeague and lots of sports clubs such as Brackley Town Football Club:

“Thank you for a superb evening. We had a fantastic time and feel that your act played a tremendous part in contributing to our evening. Once again thank you for a wonderful evening.” – Morrisons

“Excellent comedienne, Sheila M, proved a big hit.” – Brackley Town Football Club

“Comedian Sheila M had the audience in fits of laughter with her comedy and hilarious song and dance routine that parodied the likes of Cher and Lady Gaga.” – Star Support Counselling fundraising event

“Where does she find her wit? What a woman! Hats off to the female jokers of the world. Sheila-M shocks you in every way, who would guess that this fine looking lady would have you in stitches? From the minute you hear her tone, you know you clear-the-way. Fasten your seatbelts and let the games begin. Sheila was ideal for our latest ‘Uniting The Nations Festival.’ Conscious of the surroundings, she will choose her material to accommodate your audience. No matter who you are entertaining, Sheila-M will warm the cockles of your crowd. I love having Sheila-M on board, she is supportive and considerate, very funny and don’t let those looks fool you; butter would melt and caramelise, trust me! I can’t wait to invite her to be the warm up act for some of my personal shows. She will go down a treat!” – Uniting The Nations Festival, St. Pauls Church, Birmingham

So, if you are looking for live corporate entertainment UK or need corporate event entertainment ideas then book corporate entertainer Sheila-M!

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