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Sheila-M Party Entertainment Ideas for Your Entertainment Party

Sheila-M Preparing With Birthday Boy

Searching for party entertainment ideas for your entertainment party? If that is the case then find out about Sheila-M party entertainment below.

Sheila-M is skilled adult party entertainer with plenty of charm and a sparkling persona. She delights party audiences with comedy, singing and guitar playing with a lively, pleasant, appealing and often mischievous personality. Sheila-M has a unique talent for creating a brilliant affinity with audiences, ensuring a wonderful time of fun and laughter for all. If you are seeking a multi-talented adult party entertainer then your search is complete.

Sheila-M is an experienced entertainer and has performed for various types of parties over several years. So, if you want some party entertainment for adults, Sheila-M can perform in various entertainment party scenarios:

  • Corporate party entertainment;
  • Office part entertainment;
  • House party entertainment;
  • Garden party entertainment;
  • Other – Tell us what you need.

Sheila-M also has party entertainment ideas for adults and can perform for various special occasions like:

Audience Participation With Sheila-M As Hillbilly Lilly

  • Birthday party entertainment;
  • Hen party entertainment;
  • Dinner party entertainment;
  • Wedding party entertainment;
  • Christmas party entertainment;
  • Other – Tell us what you need.

Sheila-M is adaptable party entertainer! When Sheila-M provides party entertainment she asks you what type of entertainment you are looking for. She then combines your ideas with her own to come up with a performance mix specifically designed for you! Your special performance will be designed from the following:

  • Stand-up comedy;
  • A sing along to popular music;
  • Original music from Sheila-M;
  • Original musical parody from Sheila-M.

So, if you want just a comedy performance, just a music and song performance or a mixed performance, Sheila-M is able to design a program of ideas for party entertainment to match your needs.

Book Sheila-M now if you are looking for party entertainment ideas for your entertainment party.

Does Sheila-M Do A Clean Act?

Sheila-M & Comedy

Sheila-M is passionate about her comedy and one of her greatest pleasures is to make others laugh. She has her own entertainment show called “The Sheila-M Show” in which she performs her own and other stand up comedy material. Apart from also appearing as a guest at other comedy shows, she has performed as a comedy show compare for other comedians. Take a look at Sheila-M performing her “What’s In My Bag?” stand up comedy.

Sheila-M Duets With Party Guest

Sheila-M Sings & Plays Guitar

Sheila-M can play guitar and sing a variety of well known tunes that party guests can sing along to if they wish. On top of that, she has original tunes and songs she has composed herself which have been based on observations and her own experiences of life. Watch Sheila-M perform her original song “Free To Be Me” by Sheila-M, where she plays her acoustic guitar whilst singing her song.

Sheila-M As Lady Gaga

Sheila-M & Musical Parody

Musical parody is Sheila-M’s favourite form of comedy. She adores entertaining audiences with a combination of her comedy and musical talents through musical parody during her party entertainment shows. A popular musical parody performance from Sheila-M is her version of “Poker Face” by “Lady Gaga” where she sings her parody of the song whilst dancing to the original music. Watch Sheila-M performing her Lady Gaga music parody party entertainment.


Sheila-M has some great party entertainment ideas and has performed at a range of entertainment party scenarios throughout the UK. Take a look at some of her great testimonials:

“My family loved your show and have said they will be talking about it for a long time. The fact that you took the time to find out about Matt and Hannah and personalized the show was great. Anyway, thank you again for a wonderful evening.” – By Sue Fraser, Private Party in Northampton

“Sheila-M has been a great supporter of The British Society of Comedy Writers for several years. For the past five years Sheila has been an honorary member of the society and attended and performed at many of our high profile events. Sheila has the audience in the palm of her hand from the moment she steps onto the stage and leaves them rolling in the isles begging for more. Whether she is compering, singing or performing her hilarious stand-up act, Sheila-M always gives a 100% performance. Her Irish charm, versatility and originality marks her out as one of the brightest stars currently on the comedy circuit.” – By Ken Rock, President, BSCW

“Multi-talented, Irish comedienne Sheila Mc Mahon made a stunning appearance at Juice Comedy’s Joxer Bradys venue on May 3rd 2010 and was easily the best act of the night. Sheila’s raucous act makes her one of the funniest shows on the comedy circuit.” – By Stafford Comedy Forum

So, if you are looking for pub entertainment ideas for your pub events then book some Sheila-M party entertainment now!

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