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Sheila-M Pub Entertainment Ideas for Pub Events and Shows

Sheila-M And Pub Audience Participation

Searching for pub entertainment ideas for your pub events? If so read about Sheila-M below.

Sheila-M has been entertaining various types of audiences for a number of years, especially audiences at pub events and pub shows. As a pub entertainer, Sheila-M is adaptable to the audience, providing a mix of stand-up comedy together with music and song. Sheila-M’s favourite form of entertainment is to combine both music and comedy into a music parody. Whatever entertainment you need, be it just comedy, just music and song or a variety of these two elements, Sheila-M can come up with ideas for pub entertainment to suit your audience needs.

When Sheila-M provides pub entertainment, she asks what you and your audience are like and what you prefer. She uses that information together with any pub event ideas of your own that you may have when deciding on how to personalise her pub shows. She tailors each pub event to match what you want, be it stand up comedy on its own, just music and song, or a mix of the two. She can also throw in a little musical parody if you want.

Book Sheila-M now if you are looking for pub entertainment ideas for your pub events.

Look Out Here Comes Sheila-M

Comedy From Sheila-M

Sheila-M lives for her comedy and loves to make others laugh. She performs a range of her own stand up comedy material during her very own comedy show called “The Sheila-M Show”. She also does guest appearances at other comedy gigs and also has experience as a comedy compare. Watch Sheila-M during her performance of her Irish karaoke funeral stand up comedy set-piece.

Singer Sheila-M

Music & Song From Sheila-M

Sheila-M can play guitar and sing a variety of well known tunes that pub audiences are able to sing along with. In addition, she composes her own original tunes and songs directly influenced by her own real life observations and personal experiences. Watch the original song “The Real Me” by Sheila-M, where she sings the song and plays acoustic guitar.

Sheila-M As Lady Gaga

Musical Parody From Sheila-M

Sheila-M loves to entertain through combining both her musical and comedy skills through musical comedy during her pub shows. One of her most popular performances is when she sings and dances her own parody version of “Poker Face” by “Lady Gaga”. Take a look at Sheila-M performing her Lady Gaga music parody pub entertainment.


Sheila-M has some great pub entertainment ideas and has performed at a variety of pub events throughout the UK. Here are some of the great testimonials she has received:

“Sheila M: The stripping nun. Irish, Catholic, and funny as feck. She rocked the room with her “Got to have faith” parody. The vegans at the back were filming her and cheering along. She then did some great observational stuff abut the room and life and men and religion – she also did some brand new bits – again it was a taped performance so she knows what worked and what didn’t. She also turned me into an honourary priest by adapting my black T shirt/suit ensemble with a bit of white card to act as a dog-collar – I might keep the look and work on a vicar character…. She finished off a belting set with her lady gaga parody which again was excellently executed and got great laughs – she’s a really great performer. Fantastic. And really nice as well.” – By Collin Harris – LouDeemy Variety Night Review

“Having had the privilege of attending an event which culminated in the guest appearance of Sheila McMahon, I have no hesitation, whatsoever, in saying that I felt I was watching ‘a Star in Waiting’ as Sheila has what it takes to produce her own TV show. In my role as an Executive Producer of an animation project, (and many of my team are either celebrities and/or high profile in their chosen fields of expertise), I recognise quality in people as soon as I see it, and saw immediately that Sheila is a natural talent, extremely gifted both in music and comedy. She is also a very nice person. If I was a Record Producer or a TV Commissioning Editor, I would sign Sheila up straight away. It is going to happen, as Sheila is a natural successor to Catherine Tate and also a singer prime for launching a hit record and album.” – By Hazel A Speed, Executive Producer

At The Hilarity House “Sheila-M had a fantastic gig, she played the crowd, was natural and responsive and had good, funny material which was unique to her own brand of stand-up. I would recommend her and shall be booking her again.” – By Zak Turner, Promoter

So, if you are looking for pub entertainment ideas for your pub events then book some Sheila-M pub entertainment now!

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