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Faces Of Sheila-M


Sheila-M Performing Her Own Song

“Feels So Good” On Sky Television

Sheila-M’s Interview Plus Her own Song

“Free To Be Me” On Sky Television

Sheila-M Singing Popular Music

“The Wild Rover”



Sheila-M Musical Origins

Sheila-M Singing With Mic

Sheila-M’s original music evolved from writing poetry from the age of nine.

When I was young I always liked entertaining and found poetry came naturally to me.

After 12 years of this Sheila-M decided to take the next step and put music to her words, what evolved from this is there for all to see in her act.


Sheila-M and “The Wandering Man”

Sheila-M Singing In Band

I was sitting in a hotel in Dublin about to do a business meeting, I looked out the window and I saw this homeless man. I thought about what it must be like to be in his shoes. Instantly I wrote down words about him and that evening had the urge to put music to it .Even though I only knew a few cords it became my first song called The Wandering Man.


Sheila-M and Music

Sheila-M has performed her music in a number of countries including Ireland, the UK, Spain and Denmark.

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