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Faces Of Sheila-M

A Night Out at the Sheila-M Show

Auntie Betty Burke

After a great night out at the Sheila-M Show on Friday 29th June 2012, a member of the audience (Sue Maggott) decided to write a poem about Sheila-M and her show:

A Night Out With Auntie Betty

If you fancy a feckin’ fun night out,
I would recommend, without a doubt,
A trip to see Auntie Betty entertain,
Soon you’ll be laughing like a drain!
With her curly grey hair, and orange head scarf,
Chunky old cardigan, she ain’t half a larf!
With the fellas she thinks she is a big hit,
And also, in turn, fancies them fit!
She’ll use any excuse to look at their arse,
It adds to the comedy and the farce!
Oh, Auntie Betty, Auntie Betty,
Makes those men feel all hot and sweaty!
And as she continues, swivels her hips,
She gets us laughing with more and more quips.

Later on, she’s followed by Sheila M,
Who, I must admit, is rather more “fem”.
She wears her hair long, with a rather short skirt,
And loves with all the men, coquettishly to flirt!
She told us how as a prostitute,
Her “alter ego” became very astute,
Earning moolah in Downing Street,
Definitely no mean feat!
She’s also a “philosopher”, reads out your horoscope,
For the week ahead; bringing dubious hope!
Once we’ve had some laughter, next we have instead,
A rocking good song, she’ll sing with Dave, Bob, or Fred!
She’s very versatile, also plays the guitar,
Very fitting for a fab night out in a fun filled bar!
She’s great for celebrating birthdays and even a wedding,
(Yearns for those fit men, to give her a good bedding!)
And, when later she plays a game of Mr and Mrs,
Embarrassing secrets about dog, husband hisses.Photo Of Sue Maggott
This remark, hilariously, was heard by all,
I am sure it did his wife truly appall!

So that’s just a flavour of a jolly good night,
In which Irish dancing, and the macarena also took flight,
It ended jollily with us all singing Delilah,
Grinning broadly, each one a smiler!

By Sue Maggott

So, if you are yet to experience Sheila-M, or want to experience more of her, go and take a look at her diary page to find out the date of her next show!

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