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Thanks for Your Support in 2014 From Sheila-M

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Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the year.

Thank you to the staff at The Lichfield Garrick Theatre. To those who came to my run of shows there. To the Comedians who also made those shows a success. Thank you for allowing Auntie Betty to be as naughty as she can be – and get away with it!!

To the agents who have booked me for gigs over the year.

To my corporate clients who have booked me for their business events and gave me plenty of information about people attending the event so I could use it in my act!

Thank you to The Palace Theatre where I have had fabulous gigs this year.

Thank you to my networking group who has passed on referrals and giving me work.

Thank you to my fab web editor who updates my websites, updates my events page and sends this newsletter out to you every month.

I love Entertaining and without your help and support I would not get to do what I love to do so “Thank you”.

I wish you all a fab Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Bring on 2015.

Sheila X


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