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Faces Of Sheila-M


Sheila-M Is From Ireland

Sheila Thinking

Sheila-M is a native of Co. Clare in the south west of Ireland.

Her parents realised that she was a bit of a wild child so sent her off to boarding school to be calmed down by the nuns.

Today, Sheila-M splits her time between her two passions – Entertainment and Personal Development. During some week nights and weekends she performs as an Entertainer where she performs stand-up comedy and music. By day she is a qualified Counsellor on a one to one basis at her private practice in Birmingham, UK. Sometimes she does both!

Sheila-M And The Nuns

Sheila-M Praying

“I remember one day we had this new teacher and I wrote an extra name, ‘Gertrude O’Sullivan’, on the names list. When he called out Gertrude’s name to read page 45 I explained that she was in hospital getting her appendix out. When he asked for her again I explained that there were complications in her operation and that it didn’t look good. Everyday we said a prayer for Gertrude, I almost felt I knew her. She didn’t make it but I made it through boarding school and I still don’t know how.”

Sheila-M & Education

Sheila-M Show Fun For You
Sheila-M attended Inchicore City College where she received a diploma in ‘Theatre Studies’.

She also studied at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.

Her career started as a drama and dance teacher where she set up classes in different venues and would write the end of year play for the children.

“I would say to the children if you have a dream, you’re willing to put in the work and you truly believe in yourself then it will come true. Now I realise I’m living the dream.”

Early Career Of Sheila-M

Sheila-M Celebrity Pose
While teaching she was greatly involved in local theatre companies but always felt there was something more. So as a trained actress she established her own theatre company “The loose Units Theatre company.”

“I spent days wrecking my head thinking of a name for a theatre company. Then my Kiwi friend called me a loose unit and that was it!”

Sheila-M and the other members wrote plays and performed them in venues around Dublin.

When a friend suggested that Sheila-M should try stand-up comedy she felt she was ready for the challenge.

Sheila-M booked a gig in one of the biggest venue in the Republic of Ireland and has not stopped since!

Sheila-M The Comedian

Sheila-M IT Character
Sheila-M loves making people laugh and is very passionate about her music. One of her dreams is to have ‘The Sheila-M show’ on television.

Some Quotes From Sheila-M

Sheila-M believes:

“No dream is iMpossible and if someone else can do it so can I.”

Sheila-M lives by the Motto:

“Life is too serious to be taken seriously.”

More about Sheila-M

Find out more about Sheila-M the Entertainer, comedian, singer and songwriter on her other pages!

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