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Irish Karaoke Funeral Comedy

Have you ever thought about having a funeral with a difference? How about an Irish Karaoke Funeral?

Irish Karaoke Funeral – Do You Fancy One? – Stand Up Comedy by Sheila-M

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Irish Karaoke Funeral Comedy – Audio Transcription

Sheila-M: Folks, no word of a lie, the last time back in Ireland I was listening to the radio when I was driving up to Dublin. And I heard this DJ talking, and I tell you, I thought I was hearing things. They’ve introduced Karaoke as part of Irish funerals. Honestly, I am not telling fibs, right. What they do is, it’s basically like to commemorate a person. So they might sing a song like “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, or something like that. But it kind of got me thinking that, what would be a really inappropriate song to play at a funeral?

And I was thinking, “Knock On Wood” – Sheila sings “Knock, knock, knock on wood” – she’s still alive, you know! Another would be “Take My Breath Away”, “I just Died In Your Arms Tonight”, and then you could finish off by, it would be either, “Stairway To Heaven”, or “Highway To Hell”. And what if it was a cremation, I thought of you Ian, “Burn Baby Burn”, I was thinking of you, yeah.

Sheila-M: Do any of you have any songs that you think would be inappropriate to play at a funeral? Stella, what?

Stella: “Come On Baby Light My Fire”.

Sheila-M: “Come On Baby Light My Fire”, I like it! What else, any other takers? Peter!

Peter: “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”.

Sheila-M: “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” – Sheila whistles after singing the words. Did I here someone say “Another One Bites The Dust”? Very good Alison, excellent! Any other takers?

Ian: “Down Down”.

Sheila-M: “Down Down”?, No that’s what you probably sing late at night, when you pick up a woman from a night club but we don’t want to know about that!

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