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What Are You Doing Richard? an Hilarious Moment! Off the Cuff Improv Comedy!

You know what I mean when I talk about those natural, unplanned moments in life which are simply hilarious. This short video clip captures one of those hilarious moments whilst I start to perform a song on stage. Take a look at this “off the cuff”, improv comedy moment.

What Are You Doing Richard? Funny Moments On Stage! Off The Cuff Improv Comedy!

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What Are You Doing Richard? An Hilarious Moment! Off The Cuff Improv Comedy! – Audio Transcription

Sheila: Ok! I’m gonna give this one a lash, this is another, er new one. And, and I tink it’s a very, er beautiful song. A song called Heaven by Brian Adams. And, yeah, I think it’s really nice. I’m gonna do the Sammy Version of it, DJ (as Sheila-M motions with her hands) huh. No, not like that! Err, so yeah, I’m donna give it a lash! Right away folks, just so you know, the more you drink, the better I get!

Audience: Lots of laughs.

Sheila: Oh dear, maybe I should wait til later on tonight to do this song! ok! Ohh, thinking about our younger years. There was only you and me. We were, what are you doing Richard?

Audience: Lots and lots of laughs!

Sheila: Laugh! What, are you doing?

Audience: Lots and lots and lots of laughs!

Sheila: Err, laughs and stumbles over her words.

Audience: Continues laughing!

Sheila: Look! If you want to shag me, will you at least wait til the break (looking at her wrist watch)! Fecking ell (laughing and strumming guitar)!

Audience: Lots of laughs!

What Richard Did!

So, what do you think Richard was doing? Well, I suppose I have to tell you now you’ve watched the video!

Just before I started to sing, I had dropped some music sheets on the floor. Well, Richard the cameraman decided to do something about it. He waited until I started to sing, assuming that as I was professional, which I am of course, I would continue to sing. Well, he was wrong! I cannot resist a funny moment. Richard went down below the camera level, crouching on both feet and waddled across the floor to put the music sheets back on the stand below me. He then waddled back below the camera to carry on his work. He looked a bit like a waddling duck. It was so funny! And he did it without being seen in the camera!

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