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My Achy Breaky Heart Lyrics Video! Parody Comedy by Stand Up Comedian Sheila-M!

Parody can be defined as an imitation of the style of a particular artist with intentional embellishment for a comic effect and is one of my favourite forms of comedy. I have also recently been developing a new character for my show called “Hillbilly Lilly”. In this performance I had the opportunity to combine both of them in my parody of the song “Achy Breaky Heart” by American country singer songwriter William “Billy” Ray Cyrus.

My Achy Breaky Heart Parody Lyrics Video By Sheila-M! Comedy Parody Songs! Comedy Parody Videos!

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My Achy Breaky Transcription

Note: Sheila-M may change the words and/or the order of words when singing live.

Sheila: Yehaaaaaa! (As Sheila turns on the “Achy Breaky Heart” track as backing music.)

Audience: Wooo hoooo!

Sheila: Come on folks, let’s get into it! Oh yeah!

Audience: Starts clapping to the rhythm of the song and throughout the performance the audience has outburst of laughter.

Sheila Sings:

Now you can tell the world,
I never was your girl,
but I was your first cousin once removed!

And you can tell your friends,
How you couldn’t get it in,
Even after Viagra had been used!

And you can have the farm,
Cause I’m so darn,
Waking up from my sleep!

To do all the jobs,
While you play with your knob,
And I know you’ve been shagging those sheep!

But don’t sell my ass,
My achy shaky ass,
The donkey he’s done nothing wrong!

And if you sell my ass,
My achy shaky ass,
I swear I’ll choke you with my thong!

Sheila Adlibs: Woooooowwwww! I will do that, I will choke you Jimboy with my thong! Oh yeah! Would you like that Peter (A friend in the audience)? Would you like to have a look at my thong? You sick son of a bitch! You’re just like my husband, aren’t ya? Oh yeah!

Sheila Sings:

Now you can tell your ma,
I burn off with ya pa,
Cause he’s much more of a man!

I’m gonna be his wife,
And start a new life,
In his brand new caravan!

And he fulfils my needs,
Instead of smoking weed,
Maybe one day you might choke!

Why don’t you smoke it in the barn,
Or do some self harm,
Or let the bull give you a poke!

But don’t sell my ass,
My achy shaky ass,
The donkey is just too old!

And if you sell my ass,
My achy shaky ass,
I swear I’ll kick you up the oooohooooooooooh!

Sheila Adlibs: Say Jimboy! He got to tell them dirty rotten words and I don’t like that at all! Well, you know I’m looking for a new husband tonight? Are you tempted? You are, aren’t ya! Woooooo!

Sheila Sings:

And I won’t take it up the ass,
I’ll eat no more grass,
Cause I just can’t taste it any more!

Now what do I do,
I don’t want a screw,
You and your sister anymore!

But you can kiss this ass,
This darn fine ass,
Cause I ain’t givin it to you!

Cause you’re a liar,
And I’m so tired,
Of cleaning up your pooooooooooooowww!

Sheila Adlibs: Come on Peter, I know you want to dance with me! Come on up here boy! Don’t be shy! Come on, put your hands together folks! Oh yes, come on, let’s get, let’s get your legs up!

Oh yeah! Wooowooow! Oh yeah! I’m gonna get rid of my husband! Would you move into my caravan with me? Would you have sex with me nowwww! Happy to have sheep in our bedroom? You’ve got fluffy hair like a sheeeeep! Wowwww! Give a big round of applause!

Audience: Lots of applause and cheers!

Sheila: Thank you very much folks!

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